After I succesfully get the client to accept my project price proposal all UX fun started.

My role









Let's get started

We got together with the client and his accosiates and had an first insight into what they want and what they need.

I did usability testing of the old web site with 3 test subjects that never seen the web site before and were not familiar with this industry. Client prepared various scenarious of what they wanted the visitor to achieve. This helped me better understand the old web sites flaws and issues.

This is the part where I researched with coleagues similar businesses and competitors in the country and abroad. Comparing what they do different, how they do it, what they dont etc.

I got permition from the client to interview their employees from call center and person who was directly maintainign and filling up the web site. This was valuable information in understanding the problems, pluses and minuses of the old web site.

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Usability testing

This was very crucial part in the begginig where I wanted to first undestarnd what the client actually does and how they do it.

We put together 3 testers who never visited this web site and whom had different field of work. Through the testing we found many glitches and as testers were commenting aloud it gave me greater understanding of frustration while browsing through the web and fullfilling prepared scenarios from the web sites owners.

It was very good point in UX process that heped us move forward.

Wireframes were created in Figma and link was shared with test subjects as well as the client later on during 5 testing cycles. During those we always went through the test results and incorporated new finds, re-thing or completly removed difficult parts and always made sure that every new iteration is easier and simplier than the previous one.


In this phase I was ready to start putting new and refreshed clothes on the thoughtfully built skeleton and important organs. I used their logo as starting point and immediatelly brithened up its colors.
The web must be fresh as the best and tasty fruit and vegetable even if they sell only seeds.


When the web will be released it won't mean that our job is done. Now this is really the very interesting part of the job where we monitor through various tools (Google Analytics,  Crazy Egg, Hotjar) what users do, what they dont do and how they interact with our newly redesigned web site.

Testing and implementing newly discovered facts into the web site to help users navigate to their goals with ease and intuinity.